Posted by: tubbyphunk | January 6, 2009

Caravan Community Logo


Brand new logo design for Caravan and Campsite portal: The Caravan Community.

Posted by: tubbyphunk | January 6, 2009

Soon to be gone!!!


The legendary Brutalist car park as seen in Get Carter is soon to be gone, heres a snap I recently took while on the wander around the backend of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Posted by: tubbyphunk | January 6, 2009

More Mutate Artwork



More initial designs for Mutate’s forthcoming releases, one from the legendary Si Begg and the other a various 4 tracker!!

More to come, check out the site at

Posted by: tubbyphunk | January 6, 2009

Mutat records present Mark Archer – Ring of Gyges EP


Tubbyphunk have been busy, busy over the festive period working on a high volume of Mutate records artwork, developing a continuous style and working alongside some pretty interesting producers. you can buy all mutate releases from itunes, amazon and all reputable mp3 download sites, this is the artwork for the next release from Altern 8’s Mark Archer, check out more Mutate Records business at

Posted by: tubbyphunk | August 18, 2008

Mutate records | Mutations Sleeve 1.0

Mr Robert’s new venture Mutate records – a brand new Future Electronic Audio label is GO!!!! with release one due to land any minute now! and the website and bulletin board now very much LIVE!!! it’s time to get busy… Check out our main site and join our forum/BB and get involved…

Posted by: tubbyphunk | August 12, 2008

Pawn Shop logo

Tubbyphunk have created the logo for Darlington club Inside Out’s new basement space called the Pawn Shop (you understand if you ever visit), a litsch little number to represent the space within the club and create a seperate identity for the room itself.

Posted by: tubbyphunk | August 12, 2008

Family Emblems

I’ve been asked to design a crest for my good friend Haani Ul Hasnain’s family which is indeed a priveledge, not a thing i do a lot so i’ve had my typographics head on and here’s where we are at! I’ll let you know how it’s received asap…

Posted by: tubbyphunk | August 8, 2008

Tubbyphunk say goodbye to version 2.0

Tubbyphunk’s trusty site, version 2.0: an Advantage CMS site provided by our good friends Beagle Internet is to be no more….


We’ll as Tubbyphunk move forwards they need a bigger site with more content capabilities and newer featrues (e-commerce, Galleries, blogs, calendars etc all in one place), for now we will be using our rather adequate blog) We’ll keep you up to date as things progress and we mght even have a few cheeky nibbles when we’re about to launch the new site, it may also be within a new studio confine…. Watch this space for details.

Robert Page
Creative Director | Tubbyphunk Studio

Posted by: tubbyphunk | November 4, 2007

Mr Bird (The Avian Brother)


Tubbyphunk have recently completed the packaging and graphics for Newcastle based producer Mr Bird’s new EP, not content with glossy overproduced artwork and packaging we set him the task of collecting 100 pieces of cardboard in a process commonly known as ‘skip-ratting’. The results were unique, striking and combined a number of multi disciplinary techniques (stencilling, stickers and DIY cd manufacture) some of them even smell of chinese five spice! (bizarre!)

Posted by: tubbyphunk | November 4, 2007

Newcastle Long Exposures


Tubbyphunk spent several hours hanging around some real shady areas to get these shots, check out the flickr site for more examples with the long exposures –

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